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Tee Tee Solo’s music has been described as a soulful blend of Calypso, Reggae, Latin, Afrobeat, Jazz & Pop. She is an innovative, passionate, singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Her cultural blend of genres stems from her all-embracing ethos. Performing with her family band, Steel Impressions Steelband, at an early age Tee Tee Solo found her voice through music. Ever since, she has developed her style, taking all of her musical experiences and mending them into a vibrant, powerful, light-filled musical force, featuring the melodic instrument the steel pan.

Tee Tee Solo’s original music showcases her vocal skills and talent on the tenor steel pan. Her music continues the educational process of highlighting the steel pan by incorporating this unique, melodic instrument in all of her music. She is continuously working on bringing the steel pan into mainstream music in a fresh and innovative way. This talented artist overcame countless obstacles on the way up, and works hard every day in order to keep their musical dream alive.

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More Love Tee Tee Solo Official Artwork.
Sometimes I Miss You.png
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Tee Tee Solo Keep Smiling Cover Artwork.
Trouble in These Streets Tee Tee
I'm Alive Tee Tee Solo.png


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